A long time ago Jimi’s Mother, being an artist herself, would read to him the writings of James M. Barrie. Jimi was fascinated by Barrie’s mystical world of Neverland and from that early age Jimi became one of Barrie’s Lost Boys willingly trapped in a land of wonderment, dreamscapes and creativity. His Mom told him that although he must physically grow older with time, he never, ever has to grow up. Cass has always told her son that he would make a difference in people’s lives, he believed her and to this day Cass has never lied or misled her son, so Jimi stayed in Neverland with his fellow Lost Boys. Cass told her son, “You are not the carpet that they will ride on; you are the sky that they will fly in.”

We are aware that the words that are written here are supposed to be words that describe one’s career, awards and achievements along with informing those who read this about the schooling one has endured, so therefore I will (against Jimi’s wishes) conform to: “the way things are supposed to be done.”

Jimi attended The Hussian School of Art for two years after graduating from West Philadelphia’s Catholic High School for Boys he then transferred to The Art Institute of Philadelphia where he graduated in 1981. He was hired by Tyco Toys during the Art Institute’s Portfolio Review two weeks before he graduated. He has worked in junior designer, senior designer and art director positions everyday of his life since graduating in 1981. He started BBDL in 1986 and continued working full time design positions while operating BBDL. In 1993 Jimi started Hobby FX magazine. He sold the Magazine to a Publisher and HFX Magazine was born. The magazine was International after the second issue of Hobby FX and the Publisher went bankrupt after the third issue of HFX. In 1999 he started Factory X, a company that designed and manufactured really cool collectibles from movies, television, history and literature. With Factory X, Jimi has had the opportunity to design weapons and props for a few major Motion Pictures. Jimi has won many industry awards ranging from the “ADDY Award” to the “Philadelphia Creativity Award” and from the “Union League of Philadelphia Award” to 25 “Best of Show and 1st Place Competition Awards” around the Country for model building and painting. Along the way Jimi has captured 16 “MAME” awards, South Jersey’s award given for design excellence in the real estate industry as well as 22 HealthCare Awards from the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. He was nominated in 1996 as one of “Philly’s top 100 people to watch.”

Being an avid Military History fanatic Jimi has an intense thirst for knowledge and insight. This intensity can be seen in everything he does from his social position within his culture to his caring and nurturing personality that flows through his relationships with friends and loved ones. Jimi has been referred to as a “possessed” collector, although he refers to himself as a “Hyper-Collector” which simply means that you will be hard pressed to find something that Jimi doesn’t collect, or at least something that he doesn’t have an interest in collecting. He does have his favorite things to collect, rest assure. I’m told that his “Holy Grail” is to someday own an actual British Spitfire fighter plane and a Sherman tank. It’s a pretty safe bet that one day I will walk into his place and a Spitfire will be hanging from his rafters and he will be watching Saving Private Ryan from the turret of his WWII Sherman tank while drinking a decaf hazelnut coffee.

Describing Jimi Black is not an easy task, but I will sum it up by saying: Jimi is a great son, a great artist, and a proud American Patriot… he is a collector, he is spiritual and an intense eccentric… he is a no-holes-barred risk taker, he is a deep creative and he refuses to believe in limits… he is gothic, he is metal, he is old school rock n’ roll… he is a great friend, he is a hopeless romantic and he is the poster child for Scorpio’s the World over…

This might not really “sum it up” as it were, but Jimi Black is the one attraction in the amusement park that “you have to experience for yourself.” Don’t say I didn’t warn you!