In 1985 Black Butterfly Design Lab was born. With its first office location being planted in the heart of Philadelphia’s infamous “South Street” area, BBDL was very much at home to say the least. We specialize in what we call, neo-tek graphics and psycho imagery. Referring to our work as “hip” or “edgy” would be jestful and we would certainly not be offended in the least, we accept such terminology from those who are not so familiar with us. We all share the same philosophy here to some extent and we have assembled a virtual team of not only free-thinking individuals, but a multi-faceted group of designers and creatives that know for absolute certainty that there is more to life than what rests on the status quo surface. Meaning, that the obvious is not always the answer, in fact, it’s hardly ever the answer.

The creatives involved first-hand with BBDL were hand-picked over the years because they all had a few vital characteristics in common. One thing that we all share is our extreme comfort level in the dark. Another is our willingness to take risks and our admiration for “good design.” Keeping current in powerful graphic trends and the stylish use of imagery that happens very often in our field and in our environment is our number one priority. The general consensus here at BBDL is, there is literally tons of outstanding design work happening every day throughout the known and unknown galaxies and we take comfort in knowing that BBDL is in good company. Recognizing and admiring all that good design work gives us strength and fuels our drive to create and produce with our souls.

The bottom line is that we don’t specialize in any one thing. The only thing we specialize in is completing the job on time, within budget or below budget and giving the client more than what they asked for. Its true we’ve done literally hundreds of logo/Corp ID and branding projects, thousands of billboards – 3642 to be exact, ad campaigns too numerous to count and designed so many CD packages that Tower Records should have given us our own section, but we are so much more. BBDL puts as much effort into an 8.5”X11” flyer advertising the local Philly Goth night at Club Shampoo as it does an ad campaign for the Temple University Health System.

So whether it’s a portrait for Billy Idle, KISS or Marilyn Manson, a CD package design for recording artists like Tapping The Vein, The Pet Shop Boys… or flyers and mini posters for the Harleysville Eagles little league football team and photo copied ads for South Streets annual Halloween Parade, the love for “what we do” can be easily seen in “everything we do.”